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Why Sweep?

Chimneys can experience a range of problems from a downdraught creating smoke in a room to excessive fuel usage. Whether it's a recent development or a long standing problem, with some investigation Diamond Sweeps can identify the problem and come up with a solution for you.

Wood and Creosote build up

If you are burning wood it should ideally have a moisture content of no more than 20%. You should use wood that has been seasoned rather than wood than has been recently felled. Burning wet wood will not only be a major contributing factor in the build up of Creosote within the flue but it is very unlikely to produce any real heat as most of the energy produced is lost trying to dry the wood enough to burn.

Poorly maintained flues can also lead to a build up of Creosote as well as tar. Creosote is a combustible deposit which builds up in the flue. It is corrosive and can damage flue linings even in recently relined chimneys which in many cases will invalidate your warranty. It is also responsible for a large number of chimney fires. Reported call outs by UK fire brigades to Chimney fires rose by 20% last year to 10,200.

Cheaper, greener and cleaner

With the rising cost of fuel many people are once again embracing the solid fuel appliance as a cheaper and greener alternative. But before you open up chimneys that have lay dormant for many years it is important that they are inspected to check the flue is sound and that there aren't any unseen blockages in the chimney.

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning

As of 1st October 2013. It is a legal requirement to fit an Industry approved Carbon Monoxide Detector in any room with a fuel burning appliance.

Poorly ventilated flues can cause Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning if they are allowed to become totally or partially blocked by a Creosote build up, a birds nest or other obstructions that allow potentially fatal gases to escape into your home. CO has no smell or colour so you won't know it's there. The only clue will be that you or members of your family will feel unwell. At higher concentrations CO could cause someone in your household to collapse and in a worse case scenario could even result in a death.

It is vitally important that you ensure your safety with regular chimney sweeping and inspection.

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